There are a number of times where you need a specific special effect for a job, and you are on a deadline and on a tight budget (as usual). If you are lucky, a free Photoshop plugin that can create that special effect you need may be available, but chances are that it is not compatible with your Photoshop version or operating system.

Outsourcing the job or buying a commercial plugin could be the solution, but when you are out of time or money, those are not options.

Here’s a list of awesome commercial plugins, some of the best available, that offer fully functional demos usually for 30 days or so. Keep this list handy, you won’t regret it.

  • Vecteezy
  • Folkyfloraltthumb2
  • 50-grids-sml_small
  • Glow2-brushes-by-hawksmont300_small
  • Birds-and-power-lines-small_small
  • Splash
  • The_moustache_by_peterplastic_small
  • Preview300x220_small
  • Splash_thumb_small
  • Hardcon-sml_small
  • Tree Photoshop Brushes
  • Thumbnail_small
  • Splatter300_small
  • 300x220_small
  • Snowy_thumbnail_small
  • Preveiw-brusheezy_small
  • 300x220_small
  • 300x220_small
  • Preview300x220_small
  • Graphic2_small
  • Cloud-brushes-preview-small_small
  • Brusheezypreview_small
  • Preview300x220_small
  • Lovedoodles-cover_small
  • Gwipgrungesettnail_small
  • Footprint_brushes_by_peterplastic_small_small
  • Mini_small
  • Small_preview_small
  • Normal_small
  • Presentation_small
  • Preview_small
  • Abstract light Photoshop Brushes
  • Lol_small
  • Abstractlines_thumb_small
  • 300x220_small
  • 300x220_small
  • Polderthumb_small
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